Specializing in digital services and entertainment in Africa.

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Our missions

Make available to Africans services of very good quality adapted to their needs. Provide services that bring significant value.

Our vision

Be the leader in digital services and Entertainment in Africa.

Our values

Innovation : to be creative ; do things differently Collaboration : work together ; share ideas Commitment : motivated to work with dedication and professionalism Excellence : Make our team better

Our solutions

Online gaming platform.

  • More than 200 Game: Play in streaming hundred of very impressive games contents on your smart devices. No ad displayed, No game download required, and no in-game purshase.
  • Game categories: GameFactory has a wide range of games categorized into different genres: Action, Strategy, Fun, Girls, Shooter, Arcade, Brain Teaser, Africa etc.
  • Leader Board: Get your score and rank among others players and stay competitive.
  • Push Notification: Stay connected and informed about new games and promotion.

Digital health Platform

  • All-night Drugstores: Find on a weekly base the list of all-night drugstores per region.
  • Body Mass index: Allows you to access your overall degree of obesity and advises you on how to minimiza the risk of your weight..
  • Menstrual cycle: helps you to follow your menstrual cycle day by day.
  • Emergency Gesture: helps you with all techniques of assistance to give to people who have suffered from an accident, a disaster or health problem.

Campaign platform

  • Direct communication: Touch your targets directly on their mobile phones.
  • Geo targeting: target your campaigns based on age, gender, geography, etc..
  • Enriched SMS: enrich your campaigns with images and videos.
  • Real time monitoring: control the performance of your campaigns in real time.

SMS Search Engine

  • For DumbPhones: There are 40% penetration rate of smart phones in africa, billion people use feature phones, flip phones or "dumbphones" because they cannot afford or choose not to own a smartphone. These low-tech phones often don't have web browsers, full data plans, or the ability to download apps.
  • For Smart Phone too: Genie isn't just for low-tech phones. Without a data plan, Smart Phone users cannot access web information if they are not connected. Genie brings you the internet even when you're without data or WiFi..
  • Information you can get: Wikipedia articles, News, Definitions.

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